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Disclaimer: I, Natalie run this blog, but in no way do I write the stories that appear on here. And submissions are no longer open. We apologize.

Author extraodinaire: Bee (brelos)

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sexually frustrated reader(s)
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tiny announcement

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know this blog is gonna go under some construction and a name change. So don’t be alarmed! We’re still the same just with a different look and going by something new! The author, brelos or you can also call her Bee, and I were thinking it was time for a little change so bear with us as we do this.

With this change we hope to brings more stories to you all (:

-Natalie & Bee (brelos) 

brelos-anon —> btranonstories

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Hey, I Love You.

I know it’s been a while. We apologize for the long wait but here ya go (: 

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Happy Birthday, Baby.

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Model For Me

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